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Wedding Salon找尋、拜訪頂尖婚禮人專業的技術與貼近新人的服務心得,邀請高手齊聚一堂。也歡迎婚禮人、新人提供、發表對婚禮的多元想法、觀念及新品發表。讓想規劃自己獨一無二婚禮的新人得到創新的觀念,知道自己的婚禮如何完美呈現。讓婚禮人找到彩色隧道,通過隧道的洗禮,讓自己視野更加遼闊,也給新人更棒的回饋。

『自主婚禮,由你開始』,Wedding Salon就是你隨時更新的彩色隧道!


When the world is looking for a new definition of beauty meanwhile the beauty of wedding is rendering to Engaged couple, bridal gown, bridal makeup design, wedding decoration design, customized-goods, theme party, creative photography and inspiring videography. The Whole wedding industry is full of creativity and innovation to build up a special wedding for you.

At the same time, wedding industry vendors update ideas and alter original way constantly, to find out all of the possibility of wedding.

Wedding Salon gather all the top of experienced wedding vendor who is willing to share the latest idea with us. Also, it’s our pleasure to have your ideas and new creation of wedding’s to share with us.

Wedding Salon is not only a place help couple to build a spectacular wedding and give methods to make it perfect but also help wedding vendor find the ” Color Tunnel ” of career. Once you pass through it, you’ll have a wider vision of wedding and give your customer the best.

Welcome to join us, Wedding Salon is the ” Color Tunnel ” which helps you renew anytime.

Make your own wedding by yourself !